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Please avoid common mistakes while typing the VIN. “8” and “B”, “5” and “S”, “2” and “Z”, “G” and “6” … The letters “I” “O” and “Q” are never included in a VIN.

We buy new and up to 15 year-old vehicles.

How to Find Your Vehicle's VIN

The VIN is your vehicles specific 17-digit code, it contains letter and numbers and it gives us standard information about the vehicle such as the year, make, model, and we can also look up the vehicle history report, such as CarFax®.  Press on the circles below to see where to find your VIN. The other places you can locate a VIN for your vehicle are: title, registration, insurance card, and original purchase order or sticker. 

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On the Driver's Door/Door Jam, usually on a sticker.

The Driver Side Exterior Dash, the lower-left corner of the windshield, on the dashboard.

Why Do We Need The VIN, Mileage, and Trim?

We need your Vehicle’s VIN, to look up the specs on the vehicle and evaluate the value, also to look up the history report such as CarFax®. There is no personal information attached to vehicle identification numbers. Usually, you can walk by any vehicle and see the identification number on the dashboard, it is no secret and is very accessible for anyone. Also, most advertised vehicles have a VIN listed online so there are no worries providing the VIN of your vehicle. 

Please be realistic with the expected price you would like to get for your vehicle. We are here to provide you with our convenient service, in the meantime, we are hoping to make a profit.

How to Find Your Vehicle's Trim Package/Series.

Usually the Trim Package/Series Level is located in one of these following areas as shown in the image below. It will not be found on the title, registration, or insurance, but can be found on original purchase documents as well. 

Examples for trim are: LS, SE, Denali, Limited,  XLT, 1500, 250,  ST, Big Horn … 

It is important to provide us with the accurate trim package/series otherwise we will assume your vehicle has a basic package.

Most of the time, you can find the trim on the rear of the car.

You can also locate the trim on the exterior pillar in between the windows.

The front end of the frame near the front tires.

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